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Our team has the experience to assess your business systems and controls to ensure efficiency and help your company accomplish organizational structure and flow.

Barbados has a dynamic International Business Sector encompassing:

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At Zenith, we help you determine the right legal structure for operating your business based on the taxes, number of investors, location etc.

We answer the following questions:

Internal Control Reviews

Internal controls are a key area in ensuring that a business is secure and operating efficiently and effectively. Our Control Reviews focus on performing an overall assessment on the main areas of control environment, controls and risk. Following a review of these controls, we report findings, and develop plans to strengthen controls to protect against perceived risk.


Whether it is a shareholder dispute, new shareholders, a dissolution of marriage, retirement by directors, insurance matters, the transfer of a business to family members; a business valuation can help our clients achieve their financial goals.

Our approach is to rigorously analyse historical financial information, the business environment, the industry, and operations to understand the business. We then apply the methodology that is best for the assignment and support this by detailed documentation to with stand challenges by third parties.

Business Planning

Our objective is to assist your clients in growing their business. We work with you in critical areas of business

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