Financial PLanning

Our financial planning is focused on helping individuals and business owners achieve their financial goals and strengthen their financial security. Challenges always arise in life, but with a well thought out financial plan one can confidently face them.

Personal Financial Planning

Personal financial planning is a methodically based 6 step approach that involves the client in the process as we focus on their goals and from basic money management to leaving a legacy.

The steps are:

  1. Discuss financial goals with the client
  2. Gather data/ information on the client including goals
  3. Analyse information to evaluate current financial status
  4. Develop and present a financial plan with alternatives and recommendations
  5. Implement the agreed upon financial recommendations
  6. Monitor the plan

Our firm offers a full range of personal financial planning services which include:

Money Management

Budget, cash flows, net worth, debt management

Investment Planning

We match your risk appetite to investment for long term growth

Retirement Planning

We offer a review of pension plans and guide you with your RRSP and other areas to match your retirement goals

Estate Planning

We work with a team (attorneys, administrators) to create power of attorney, will, trust to preserve and transfer your assets to the next generation, while maintaining a legacy

Risk Management

We use insurance to assist in risk management for safeguarding of assets and management of liabilities and cash flow

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